Talibans are threatening to murder people with US support

Kabul, 20/8:  After the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan, everything has changed. The Taliban have announced a general amnesty. Even though he has claimed that he will not take revenge on anyone, but the reality is different. Taliban fighters are searching for those who helped American and NATO soldiers. The Taliban has made such a hit list. The Taliban have also threatened to kill his family if America’s aides do not come forward.



This has been said in a report of the United Nations (UN). This report warns that the Taliban is conducting door-to-door searches in search of Afghans who support the US or its NATO forces. According to the report of the ‘New York Times’, the United Nations says that the Taliban has prepared a list of people whom it wants to arrest and kill. At the same time, he is threatening these people that if they do not come forward, their family members will be killed or arrested. Such people are also being searched in the crowd of Kabul Airport.


Let us tell you that after the 9/11 attack, foreign forces led by America entered Afghanistan and ousted the Taliban from power. During this, the help of local people was taken to help in the action against Taliban fighters. Translators and intelligence informers have been involved in this. …

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