WHRPO delegation met Police Commissioner

Bhubaneswar 21/8:  Today, the World Human Rights Protection Organisation (WHRPO(had a courtesy call on Mr. Soumendra Priyadarshi, Commissioner of Police. In it, the police commissioner expressed his support for the development of the counseling department. He also called for a series of workshops to raise awareness about the legal rights of the general public. In the capital, there has been a gradual outcry over the growing addiction to drugs, as well as discussions on how to deal with it. Mr. Soumendra Priyadarshi, Commissioner of Police, was also honored by the World Human Rights Organization.


Dr. Loknath Nayak, Dr. Ipsita Das, Linu Mishra, Sanjeev Mishra, Swatismita Mohapatra, Sampad Kumar Bal, Bidyut Lata Mohanty, Siddha Mohanty, Surendra Kumar Mohanty and Sanghamitra Mohanty were present on the occasion.

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