Kangana appeared before the court in defamation case

Mumbai, 20/9: Kangana Ranaut appeared in court today to hear the defamation case filed against her by Javed Akhtar. While the veteran lyricist reached the Andheri court ahead of time for the hearing of the case, Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer had informed that the actress would appear soon. After Kangana appeared in the court, her lawyer asked why her client was insisting on appearing in the court when it was a bailable matter.

Eventually, after Kangana appeared, the hearing was adjourned till November 15. In fact, after Kangana did not appear before the Bombay High Court in the last hearing, the court had adjourned the hearing till Monday, 20 September and also insisted on the actress to appear in court. Kangana’s lawyer had said that she was tired due to the symptoms of Covid and due to the travel, due to which she could not reach the court.

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