Vedanta Lanjigarh positively transforming the lives of its local employees

Lanjigarh, 13/12:  “The best part about working here is how easily approachable the senior leadership is”, says Mr. Sushanta Majhi, from Rengopali village, Kalahandi. Sushanta has been working with Vedanta Lanjigarh for about 2 months now.

How has life changed for you after you started working with Vedanta Lanjigarh?

My life has changed drastically post my employment with Vedanta. From showing up in slippers to now showing up clad in Vedanta uniform and PPE, I have gained a sense of respect and pride. Not only that, housewiveshave been made a part of SHGs and they are being trained in various farm and non-farm activities, says Sushanta.

What according to you is the best thing about working with Vedanta Lanjigarh?

Narendra Majhi from Rengopali village, says, “The safety measures here at Vedanta are incomparable. It makes me feel really secure that my organization cares so much about me. After joining Vedanta, I do not feel any lack in my livelihood.”

What according to you is different about working with Vedanta Lanjigarh?

Bijaya Naik from Kothaduar village says, “I used to always run short of money earlier. There were no facilities for the betterment of our quality of life. Thirteen years ago, I barely used to make Rs. 25 per day doing government related jobs. After being employed with Vedanta, I started making Rs. 60 per day. Improved transportation facilities are an add-on.

What do you like about your job here at Vedanta?

The work-culture at Vedanta Lanjigarh is extremely conducive to growth and productivity. Despite being a conglomerate, they encourage us to think like an entrepreneur.The senior leadership connects with us and our families, time and again through Townhalls and Family Connects. Continuous reviews with the HR and contractors help us improve and be better versions of ourselves, adds Bijay Naik.

How have you grown as a person after joining Vedanta?

Bijaya Naik says “After joining the organization and being inducted into the system, I now understand how certain processes work. I understand the know-hows of everything. I have developed huge respect for the personnel who work tirelessly for the betterment of lives of the communities. After knowing the intricacies of the system, I have now developed an understanding of why a certain task or demand is getting delayed, if it ever does, which I could not realize earlier.As an individual, I feel empowered.”

What would you say about the work-culture at Vedanta?
Sushanta adds, “The work-culture here is very engaging. People here have been extremely kind and welcoming to me. I feel heard, safe, and secure. My induction to the system was very smooth and well-planned. Now that I know the roles and responsibilities of different personnel, I know exactly who to approach whenever I am facing any difficulties.”

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