Tata Steel Foundation facilitates access to safe drinking water facilities

Joda, : With an objective to provide safe drinking water facilities to communities in and around Malda & Guali gram panchayats, Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) is setting up six deep borewells in the region.

People in the area have been facing water issues since a long time. Most of time people have to travel long distance to get water from nearby water bodies or they had to wait till evening to get tank water which usually reaches in evening.As part of the initiative, Tata Steel Foundation is setting up six deep borewells in the region for drinking water purposes out of which four deep borewells are ready and the installation of the remaining two deep borewells in ongoing. The deep borewell installation is taking place at six places in Kalmang & Gandhalpada villages under Malda & Guali gram panchayat. These six borewells will benefit approximately 325 households in the area.

Apart from this, Tata Steel Foundation is also installing solar lights in the region so that the villagers can get water from these deep borewells during night.


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