Tikiri/Bhubaneswar: In Continuity with its strategy of enhancing the farmer’s income through agricultural sources and making them self-reliant, the Utkal Alumina Industries Limited, a subsidiary of Hindalco Industries Limited of Aditya Birla Group has inaugurated an Oil Extraction Unit at Nuagaon Village of Kashipur Block of Rayagada District under the banner of Project Sugandha.

Project Sugandha is a Lemon Grass Cultivation Project started by Utkal Alumina in 2019 has since then started accruing desired fruits for the farmers of the surrounding villages. The noble initiative Project Sugandha started in 2018-19 with 12 farmers, 20 acres and 01 village has now expanded to 98 farmer, 143.7 acre and 14 village in 2021-22.

There was a long demand from the villagers of Nuagaon to set up the oil extraction unit at their village itself as the existing oil extraction unit is at some distance from the village rendering them high logistics cost and thus lessening their net return on investment. The villagers have expressed deep exhilaration at the inaugural event and expressed heartfelt gratitude to Utkal Alumina for this kind of initiative. This oil extraction unit will cater to the need of 95 farmers, 100 acres cultivation of 3 to 5 village.

The Unit Head of UAIL Mr. Mazhar Beig pondered upon the success journey of Project Sugandha and asked the villagers to use the Extraction Unit productively and prudently for better sustenance. He also advised CSR team to fully tap into the potential resources that may aid in realizing better income for farmers.

The Mines Head of UAIL, Mr. Mukesh Jha elaborated on the significance of Project Sugandhaand has intended that only with the coordinated efforts of all stakeholders, this got a good success and urged all to continue in future as well.

Speaking on the Occasion, the CSR Head of Utkal Alumina, Dr. Lopamudra Priyadarsini has expressed her desire that this initiative besides promoting the economic development of the village should also aid in enhancing the social upliftment of people.

The Inspector In charge of AndirakanchMr. Tapan Kumar Mahalihas emphasized that Utkal Alumina is taking all possible steps for the betterment of the village and urged the villagers to cooperate with vigor and flavor.

The inauguration event was organized by the CSR team of Utkal Alumina

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