WHO warns OMICRON wave in Europe

New Delhi, 22/12: The top World Health Organization official in Europe on Tuesday asked governments to be prepared for a “huge jump” in coronavirus cases across the continent due to the Omicron variant. Along with this, the WHO has also advised to make extensive arrangements for booster doses of the vaccine to avoid the Omicron variant of the corona. The Omicron variant of Corona is rapidly infecting people in countries around the world. More than two hundred cases of Omicron have been reported in India.

WHO’s local director, Dr. Hans Kluge, said at a press conference in Vienna, “We can see another storm coming.” In a few weeks, Omicron will dominate more countries in Europe, said Kluge, which will further affect health systems already going through bad times. Kluge said Omicron has been found in 38 of the 53 European territories so far. It has already dominated in Britain, Denmark and Portugal.

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