Elderly will have to give medical certificate for precaution dosage, 20 diseases are included in the list

New Delhi, 26/12: In view of the fears of the third wave of Corona and the increasing threat of the new Omicron variant of the corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday gave a precautionary dose of the vaccine. has announced. PM Modi said that from January 3 next year, a vaccination campaign will be started for adolescents between the age of 15 to 18 years. Along with this, from January 10, the health and frontline personnel, people above 60 years of age suffering from other serious diseases will be started giving vaccine doses as a precaution on the advice of doctors. Although he did not mention the ‘booster dose’, he named it ‘Precaution Dose’ (Precautionary Dose).


Dr RS Sharma, Chief and CEO, CoWIN portal said that the elderly eligible for the booster dose of Kovid-19 will need a medical certificate. Through a medical certificate, they will have to tell that they are completely healthy and they do not have the disease, which the Health Ministry has included in its list. Actually, the Ministry of Health has kept 20 diseases in its list, which if any person will not be given corona vaccine.

Dr. Sharma told that the eligible elders will have to give information related to their health. He said that at the beginning of the campaign of Corona Vaccine, the way it was said during the vaccination of people aged 45 to 59 that if someone has a serious disease, then it will have to be reported to the doctor. Similarly, for the booster dose, it will be necessary for all the eligible elderly people above 60 years to give information related to their disease. Dr Sharma told News18.com that the procedure related to the booster dose will be the same as is already being followed. Sharma is credited with creating CoWIN, the software that is touted as the backbone of India’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

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