Big News: Stone pelting-lathi charge outside BJP office in Patna

Patna, 27/12: At this time, big news is coming from Patna, the capital of Bihar, where the ward secretaries outside the BJP state office have created a ruckus about the cancellation of the appointment on behalf of their government. According to the information received, on Monday, the ward secretary reached outside the BJP office regarding his demands and started creating ruckus. On knowing about the matter, the police team reached the spot and tried to convince the ward secretaries to remove them from there, but after they did not agree, the police lathi-charged, during which the ward secretaries also pelted stones fiercely. Seeing the situation getting out of control, the police team also fired water cannons and tear gas shells. During this, there was a situation of chaos on the entire VeerChand Patel Marg. A battlefield-like view was seen outside the BJP office.

It is said that the Ward Secretary was agitating for the last several days near the Gardnibagh picketing site for his various demands. But, after the government did not give any consideration to their demands, today the ward secretaries got furious and gathered together outside the BJP office. During this the gate of BJP office was closed. Then the ward secretary got angry and started creating ruckus outside the gate itself. In a hurry, a large number of police forces reached the spot and somehow tried to control the situation, but the ward secretary did not agree to accept it.


Water released from tur cannon, tear gas shells fired

When the ward secretaries did not listen to the police, water was released from the water cannon on the protesters from the police force. Against this, the ward secretaries started pelting stones on the water cannon itself. During this the whole area turned into a battlefield. During this, the police team also fired tear gas shells to rein in the protesters.



Know what is the demand of ward secretaries

In fact, the Ward Secretaries have been on agitation for the last 15 days for their demands. Ward secretaries are demanding that their appointment should be made permanent and the letter regarding removal of ward secretaries should be withdrawn. Along with this, their dues should also be paid as soon as possible. At the same time, the ward secretary is also demanding to pay salary in lieu of work done.


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