Bhubaneswar,  : Amidst the fear of spread of the Omicron variant and possibility of a third wave, a 96-year-old Covid-19 infected man has successfully fought the disease after being treated at the SUM Covid Hospital here.

Gadadhar Das of Dumduma area of the city, who had been found Covid-19 positive, was admitted into the hospital on December 20 as he was running temperature and had congestion in lungs. He was admitted into the ICU and was kept on oxygen support. He was treated for 9 days.

His son Dharmananda also was admitted into the hospital subsequently after being infected and both recovered from the disease. Dharmananda has thanked the doctors, nurses and para-medical staff in the hospital for the care they received.

Many senior citizens on the wrong side of 80 and 90 years who had been admitted into the SUM Covid Hospital during the first and second wave of the pandemic had also successfully turned the corner

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