Khalistan supporters threatened to kill Supreme Court lawyers

New Delhi, 10/1: Khalistan supporters have threatened to kill the lawyers of the Supreme Court. About a dozen lawyers have claimed to have received threatening calls. It is being said on behalf of the lawyers that these calls have come to them from the number of Sikhs for Justice in England. These are all automated phone calls. It has been said through the call that he should not help PM Modi in the Supreme Court in the cases filed against farmers and Sikhs of Punjab.



About a dozen lawyers have claimed to have found the threatening clip. Supreme Court lawyer Vishnu Shankar Jain has also received these threatening calls. At present, these call recordings are being investigated. According to media reports, this organization has also taken responsibility for the security lapse of PM Modi in Punjab on January 5.


What was in the threat?

It has been said in the call that he should not participate in the ongoing hearing in the Supreme Court regarding the security of PM Modi. They argue that in the 1984 Sikh riots and genocide, even a single convict has not been punished. Therefore, the matter should not be heard

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