Mangalpur Sarpanch candidate Itishree Nayak getting popular in Panchayat

Mangalpur, 3/2: Itishree Nayak who stands as a Sarpanch Candidate at the Mangalpur Panchayat of Derabis block of Kendrapara district is now talk of the town. She is a graduate in Arts. She participated in the panchayta election to solve various issues like drinking water, road ,electricity and health problems. Though many candidates filed their nomination, Itishree is quite popular among them.She is a philanthropist. Her husband Nilamadhab Nayak is a philanthropist and social worker .She is winning hearts by helping poor people and .She is liked by all categories of people be it poor and rich. She also helped people without any position.So people are loving her .She said that she will dedicate her life for people.

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