Presidential poll: Murmu consolidates lead after second round of counting

New Delhi, 21/7: The NDA presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu on Thursday consolidated her lead after the second round of counting by getting nearly 72 per cent votes of the total votes of all MPs and MLAs of 10 states counted so far.



Murmu is inching towards victory and is set to cross the 50 per cent-mark soon, as her vote value now reached 4,83,299, while her rival Yashwant Sinha’s vote value reached 1,89,876.


While Murmu received votes of 809 MLAs out of a total of 1138 MLAs in 10 states, with a vote count of 1,05,299, Sinha got votes of 329 MLAs with vote count of 44,276, in the second round

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