Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury’s Rashtrapatni remark stokes controversy, BJP demands apology

New Delhi, 28/7: Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury faced BJP’s ire for referring to President Droupadi Murmu as ‘Rashtrapatni’.



In a video clip circulated on social media, Chowdhury could be heard referring to Murmu as ‘Rashtrapatni’. “India’s ‘Rashtrapatni’ is for everyone,” he said, adding that the Opposition MPs will again try to march to Rashtrapati Bhawan on Thursday.


The Opposition was detained on Wednesday and put in police vans during their march to Vijay chowk in protest against the “misuse” of agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the suspension of Opposition MPs from both Houses of Parliament.


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As soon as the session started in both the Houses, BJP MPs raised the issue and demanded Chowdhury’s apology. Both the Houses were adjourned till 12 pm amid ruckus over the ‘Rashtrapatni’ remark. BJP MPs including Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also protested in Parliament against Chowdhury on Thursday and demanded an apology from him on his ‘Rashtrapatni’ remark against Droupadi Murmu.




Replying to BJP MPs’ apology demand, Chowdhury said, “There is no question of apologising. I had mistakenly said ‘Rashtrapatni’…the ruling party in a deliberate design trying to make mountain out of a molehill.”


Union Minister Smriti Irani also slammed Chowdhury by saying, “The Congressman knew that this way to address the President of India not only demeans her constitutional post but also the rich tribal legacy she represents. He knew that to demean President in such fashion is to demean the potential of women in our country.”


Irani added that ever since Droupadi Murmu was nominated for the President’s post she was targeted maliciously by Congress and the attacks do not seem to stop against her even after being elected as the President.


Irani targetted Sonia Gandhi in Lok Sabha saying, “Sonia ji sanctioned humiliation of a woman in the highest constitutional post.”


To this, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi said, “He has already apologised.”



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