Prevent Dishonour to Tricolour; Appeals SDPO Balugaon

Chilika, 13/8: Honouring the National Flag is our Fundamental Duty and its dishonour is an insult to all of us.” says Manas Ranjan Barik SDPO Balugaon. 


During the celebration of _Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav_, a large number of Tricolour flags are being used by people with great zeal and enthusiasm. This number will rise exponentially on the eve of Independence Day celebration. While appreciating the mass following of _Har Ghar Tiranga_, SDPO Balugaon apprehends careless misuse or inattentive dishonour owing to the use of the Flag on such high scales. With a view to prevent any probable misuse SDPO Balugaon has taken a noble initiative with the help of local Police staff, media persons, schools and voluntary organisations. He has given written instructions to all IICs within his jurisdiction to coordinate with the stakeholders and remain vigilant during and after the celebrations.


Emphasizing on the hoisting or use of the Indian National Flag in a lawful and respectful manner, SDPO requests everyone to be utmost careful against dishonour. He has suggested both preventive and curative methods without jeopardizing people’s freedom for hoisting National Flag at their will. But all he wants is a strict adherance to the norms prescribed by the Flag Code of India 2002 and the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.


While requesting media persons and volunteers to inform Police about the violation of standard norms SDPO has instructed the IICs to take strict legal action against the potential violators. However, before going for action agaisnt violators, IICs of Balugaon Police Division have been advised to conduct meetings with stakeholders to create mass awareness about the Flag Code as far as possible. It is also decided that various groups composed of Police and Volunteers will roam around different places to collect damaged or disheveled National Flags or the ones thrown on ground for their lawful disposal at later stage. SDPO has also twitted that caring the Flag, not just carrying it, makes one’s act more patriotic.


It is pertinent to mention that Government of India has recently allowed citizens to display or fly National Flags even in their houses throughout the day but with certain condition as mentioned in .

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