Robbery from 7 bushes in one night.


Kantabanji, AO Bureau: Theft from Kantabanji bus station in Balangir district. Allegations of theft from 7 buses in one day in the late night. Baba Shankar, Sarla, Akash, Satabdi, Bajrangbali bus.Mobile phones and money were stolen from the bus. After this incident, the patrolling system of the police has been questioned ? According to the information, Kantabanji bus station has buses from different places as usual at night. A lot of miscreants have been seen roaming around the Kantbanji bus stand at night. Seven buses were stolen from the bus stand late on Sunday night. Some miscreants enter into the bus by opening the windows and stole mobile phones, money, clothes, bike tires and other things from the employees who were sleeping inside the bus. After this incident, the security system of the police has been questioned. There have been public demand to tighten police patrolling.

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