Iran government bowed before anti -hijab protests, ended morality police

Tehran, ,4/12: After the death of Mahsa Amini, after a nationwide demonstrations against Hijab for nearly two months, the Iran government has decided to dissolve the country’s morality and dissolve the country. Please tell that 22 -year -old Mahsa Amini was arrested in custody after morality police arrested in Tehran. After this, protests across Iran intensified from December 16. Iran’s Attorney General Mohammad Zafar Montagery, quoting the local news agency ISNA, wrote, “Ethics Police has nothing to do with the judiciary” and it has been decided to abolish it.


Iran government will consider hijab law

In fact, the Attorney General made this comment when a participant present at a religious conference questioned the decision to end morality police. On Saturday, the Iran government took a decision and said that the government has now agreed to consider the hijab law. However, before this, the Iran government had tried its best to force the hijab.


Protests started after the death of a 22 -year -old girl

Please tell that after the death of 22 -year -old Mahsa Amini, a demonstration started in the whole of Iran. It was alleged that Mahsa Amini did not wear the hijab properly and due to this he was detained by the moral police and he died in police custody.

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