Elephant terror, 3 wildlife workers injured.


Ranpur, 15/12 : The terror of wild elephant herds is increasing day by day in the Tangi Ranger area of ​​Khordha Forest. While the herd of elephants live in the forest during the day, the wild elephants come to the village in search of food at night. People are panicking due to the oppression of the herd of elephants Wealth and life are also deteriorating. Few more days are left for the harvest of paddy. No matter how good the harvest is, but all the hopes of the farmer’s soon have been crushed at the feet of the herd of elephants.

Tonight, 17 elephants herd came out of Ugratara forest in Tangi Ranger area ad created terror. In this herd of elephants, 7 baby elephants, 5 tusks and 5 elephants have been found. Acres of paddy crops in Kandhanayagarh, Chandpur, Bhajagad, Mansalayodi, Tangi, Tarimi, Badpari, Jharia etc. have been destroyed under the feet of these herds of elephants. Farmers are blaming the forest department for crop destruction due to the feet of elephants. Hundreds of farmers are trying to drive away the elephants with flashlights and sticks.

While the farmers were chasing the herd, the herd was left near Tangi on National Highway No. 16. As hundreds of motor vehicles were traveling on the road, everyone’s anxiety increased. Everyone was worried about how the herd of elephants would cross the road. On receiving the news, Tangi police, forest officials, wildlife officials jointly stopped the movement of vehicles on the national highway. As a result, the elephants crossed the road and fled towards Jharia village.

After hearing that the herd of elephants was heading towards Jharia village, the villagers started to drive the herd away to protect their paddy fields. Meanwhile, the villagers accused the forest staff and attacked the forest staff. It is understood that three wildlife workers were injured in the attack by the mob and are undergoing treatment at Tangi Medical Centre. However, the Tangi Forest Department is not taking serious steps to drive away the elephants from the range, and the farmers are getting upset. Therefore, it is generally demanded that the senior officials of the department pay special attention to it.

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