Will probe love jihad angle in Tunisha’s death: BJP leader

Mumbai, 25/12: A day after actor Tunisha Sharma died by suicide, the BJP assured that the angle of love jihad would be investigated in the case and if necessary, action would be taken.



The 20-year-old Tunisha’s co-actor Shazeen Mohammed Khan has been arrested on the charge of abetting her suicide by the police in Palghar district.


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“….What was the reason for the suicide? Is there love-jihad in this? Or is there some other issue. Investigation will reveal the truth, but Tunisha Sharma’s family will 100 per cent get justice,” Kadam said. On the issue of love jihad, he said: “…and if this is a case of love jihad, then the police will also probe what organisations are behind it and who the conspirators are,” BJP spokesperson and MLA Ram Kadam said.




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