It will always be Tamil Nadu, not Tamizhagam: TN parties to Governor

Chennai, 6/12: Governor R N Ravi has come under criticism yet again from political parties, this time for his controversial remark that it would be appropriate to call the state Tamizhagam rather than Tamil Nadu.

The Governor, during an interaction with participants of the Kashi Tamil Sangamam, implied that the name Tamil Nadu (Tamil country) was creating an impression in the minds of the people here that they are unique from others in India, as they like to call themselves Dravidians.


“Tamizhagam will be more appropriate than Tamil Nadu,” Ravi was quoted as saying by the local media. At the same event, Ravi is also believed to have said Tamil Nadu will take a completely different stand from that of the rest of the country on several issues while stressing that people here believe they are Dravidians and not “part of Bharat”.


Though this is the first time that a Governor is openly speaking about the issue, the state BJP had in the past argued that the name Tamil Nadu was creating a “wrong impression” of a country within a country and that it should be renamed as Tamizhagam

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