It is autocracy if you make one person god in democracy: Kharge

New Delhi, 8/1: Targeting the ruling BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday said in a democracy if one person is made a god, it will not be a democracy, but will become an autocracy. He called on all sections of society, especially SC/ST and other weaker sections to unite for safeguarding the Constitution and democracy.



The veteran leader further while pointing at Modi projecting his Gujarati identity while seeking votes during Gujarat polls, urged people to vote for the Congress during upcoming elections in Karnataka, while highlighting that he too is the son of the soil here and asked people to support him, his party and its leaders.


“For everything Modi, in a democracy, if you make one person a god, it is not a democracy it is an autocracy, and it will lead to dictatorship. Think about it. You have to know your rights and you should fight to get it,” Kharge said.


He was addressing the “Aikyata Samavesh”, a large convention of SC/ST communities organised by Karnataka Congress in the run-up to the Assembly polls, which is likely by April-May.

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