BJP, BJD face-off during meeting in Chilika block

Chilka, 18/1: On Wednesday, the second general meeting of the Chilika Panchayat Samiti was held in the Panchayat Samiti conference Hall, where a face off was witnessed between BJP and BJD .


The meeting was chaired by the block chairperson Jyotshna Behera and was attended by the vice chairman , BDO, ZP members, MP representative , MLA representative and elected Sarpanch and Samiti members of all panchayats.



While the meeting was going on, instead of focusing on the main issues, the bickering between BJD and BJP escalated. As a result, the BJD PRI members left the meeting and staged a sit in protest in front of the block. According to Utpal Paikray , the MLA representative , the said meeting is undemocratic. None of the MLA or MP were informed about the said meeting earlier . Therefore, it should be cancelled and rescheduled for another day.



On the contrary, when Chilika block chairperson Jyotshna Behera was asked about this, she denied it. She said that while letters were sent to MLA, MP and their representatives on WhatsApp, BDO also informed them personally. As she is a BJP-backed chairperson, no matter how well she does, the opposition will protest. If MLA and MP representatives were not informed, then how did they come to the meeting, asked the block chairperson. This is just a drama of BJD , said the chairperson.


However, in the afternoon, the ZP CEO Diganta Routray reached the scene and discussed with the BJD PRI members, but it seems to have failed. In view of law and order, two platoons of force have been deployed in the block area so far.

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