Boys should understand that no means no: Kerala HC on sexual harassment cases

Thiruvananthapuram, 22/1:Pointing out that instances of sexual harassment against students are increasing and mostly boys are facing the allegations, a division bench of the Kerala High Court has stressed the need for change in the present education system by making lessons in good behaviour and etiquette part of the curriculum.



“Boys must know that they should not touch a girl or woman without her explicit consent. They should understand ‘No’ means ‘No’,” Justice Devan Ramachandran observed while disposing of a petition by a male student of TKM Engineering College at Kollam in Kerala against an internal complaints committee report against him.


In the judgment issued on Wednesday, Justice Ramachandran pointed out that “most of, or all,” allegations of sexual harassments were made against boys.


“Boys, even from a very young age, often grow up with certain sexist stereotypes – reinforced by peer and other social influences. Showing a girl or woman respect and honour is not old fashioned. On the contrary, is a virtue for all times. The archaic concepts of masculinity have changed, it needs to change more. Sexism is not acceptable or ‘cool’,” the judgement says.

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