Nabrangpur police arrested two hard hitting maoists

Nabrangpur, 24/1:  Nabarangpur Police arrested two hard-hitting Maoists of Mainpur Nuapada Division. DIG Rajesh Pandit informed in the press meet. These two Maoists have been arrested from the Hatigaon forest under Raighar police station. They were arrested this morning during a joint combing of the SOG of the SRPF and the DVF. One of them was a hard-core militant while the other was a militiaman who was working as a quack. If Hard Kar is Maoist, Pooja Mandvi and Militia are Sea Tigers. While Pooja Mandvi’s house is in Sukuma district of Chhattisgarh state, Sumudra Bagh’s house is in Nuapada district of Odisha. While Pooja Mandvi has been working in the Maoist Federation since 2010, Samudra Bagh has been active since 2017. DG informed in the press meet that he was involved in the various firing cases in Nuapada area and the poster death in Nabarangpur district. In addition, militia sea lions were also working as posturing and quacks. The DIG informed in the press meet that Pooja Mandvi was caught in a combing operation while she was going for her treatment. While Pooja Mandvi was in Chhattisgarh region, he informed that after further investigation, more information can be obtained about what incidents he is involved in. Rajesh Pandit (DIG)

News report by Devi Prasad Patnaik from Nabarangpur.

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