SC reminds public employers to make periodic revision of pay

New Delhi,3/2: The Supreme Court on Thursday said there is an obligation of public employers to make a periodic revision of wages in the general interest to deal with the ill effects of the price rise.

State and public employers have an obligation to address as a measure of public interest, the ill-effects of rise in the cost of living, on account of price rise, which results in fall in real wages. This obligation should be discharged on a periodic basis. Yet, there cannot be any straitjacket formula as to when such pay revisions are to be made and to what extent revisions should take place,” a bench of Justices Aniruddha Bose and S Ravindra Bhat said.


The court also said what should be the extent of pay revision are undoubtedly a matter falling within the domain of executive policymaking.


“At the same time, a larger public interest is involved, impelling revision of pay of public officials and employees. Sound public policy considerations appear to have weighed with the Union and state governments, and other public employers, which have carried out pay revision exercises, periodically,” the bench pointed out

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