JSW BPSL Sambalpur works Initiate Plantation Program to Promote Environmental Sustainability

Sambalpur ; As part of its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, the Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) Department of JSW BPSL Sambalpur has initiated a new plantation program
in Thelkoloi Gram Panchayat . The program, aimed at fostering a greener and healthier
environment, involves distributing plants to households within the community. The drive was
oƯicially launched in the Pdf Colony Hamlet of Thelkoloi GP, where nearly 200 households
received two plants each. This initiative underscores JSW BPSL Sambalpur’s dedication to
integrating environmental considerations into its core interventions. CSR Head Mr. Vishal Raj and
Thelkoloi Sarpanch Ms. Abanti Nayak, took the opportunity to motivate the community,
emphasizing the importance of planting and nurturing trees. They encouraged the residents to
take lifelong care of the plants, highlighting the long-term benefits of a greener environment. By
providing plants to the households, JSW BPSL Sambalpur aims to enhance the local green cover
and instill a sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation among the community
members. This initiative is a witness to the company’s commitment to sustainable development
and its active approach to addressing environmental challenges.

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