Delhi Police’s Operation Milap is getting huge success, 100 Children recovered

New Delhi, 20/12: Following the order of the Delhi Police Commissioner, the police are running ‘Operation Milap’ in the capital Delhi. Under this operation, every district is trying to introduce the children who have disappeared from their area or the unclaimed children found in their area. Delhi Police is getting great success with this operation. Recently, the Anti Human Trafficking Unit of the South District of Delhi Police touched the figure of 100. South District has introduced 100 children to their families this year under Operation Milap. SI Mohammed Shafiq of Anti Human Trafficking Unit, SI Virendra Air ASI MP Singh have played a key role in bringing these children to their families.
These children have been recovered from many states of the country including Delhi.

According to Delhi Police DCP Atul Thakur of South District, these children have been recovered not only from Delhi but also from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and West Bengal. All the children went missing from Delhi and nearby cities. Most of which were reported missing in Delhi. After which the police started collecting information about them under ‘Operation Milap’. According to police officials, most of these children, due to some reason, or in anger or fighting from home, sit in a train or bus and reach another city and then start eating at the rate. Many of these children are unable to tell the police of those cities their correct address, due to which these orphans start living in those cities.

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