Bollywood Hero No 1 Govinda celebrates his 58th birthday

Mumbai,21/12 (AO Bureau): Today is the 58th birthday of Bollywood Hero No. 1 actor Govinda (Govinda) whose great dance and dialogue speak volumes. Govinda, who has worked in Bollywood for almost 30 years, is known for his dance as well as comedy. He made a special place in the hearts of the audience with his dancing style and comedy. Born in Mumbai on December 21, 1963, Govinda belonged to the film family. Since childhood, Govinda used to dream of becoming an actor.

Govinda started his film career with the 1986 film Iljam. The song ‘Street Dancer’ of this film became very popular. After this Govinda’s image became that of a dancing star and filmmakers fiercely redeemed this image in his films.

We assess the talent of anyone by comparison, but Govinda is among those artists whose comparison is not possible.

Today, even though Bollywood may have sidelined Govinda and made fun of his films, there was a time when you would get a little Govinda in every house in North India.

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