How to take care of hair in winter

(AOBureau) : Winters have arrived and it is very important to take special care of hair in this season. Hair can become dry in cold weather and the problem of dandruff can increase. Later, this problem makes the roots of the hair weak and the hair of people starts flying at an early age. Let’s know what to do to keep hair healthy and shiny even in winter.

Massage of oil- Once a week, massage the scalp with hot coconut oil or almond oil. This will improve blood circulation in the head. Also, the dryness of the hair will be away and the hair will be healthy even in the winter season.

Hair Trimming – Hair trimming in winter is also a good option. The cold winds make the hair dry and lifeless, which increases the problem of hair breakage, loss and split ends. You will not have to face these problems by getting trimming done.

Do not wash your head every day – Avoid washing hair everyday in winter. Washing the hair every day will dry out the natural oil present in the scalp and this causes your hair to look unhealthy and lifeless without moisture. To get rid of tangled hair, wash hair twice a week.

Keep the head covered – Keep the hair covered as much as possible during the winter months, otherwise the hair may become dry. Create snakes, wigs, weaves style and use head scarves. However, in the afternoon, make a habit of sunbanging the head and the whole body.

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