Beware: These eating habits may increase the probability of Cancer

The bad habit of having dinner late at night can land a person in big trouble. According to a report in the International Journal of Cancer, people who eat late at night have a higher risk of breast and prostate cancer. This research is based on data related to eating and drinking habits, in which people were asked questions about sleep and eating time.

Which people are more at risk of cancer?

In this study, the researchers looked at 621 cases of prostate cancer and 1205 cases of breast cancer, which included 872 men and 1321 women. After this, the sleep and eating habits of these people were compared with the habits of normal people.

Researchers claimed in this report that those who sleep immediately after eating at night have a higher risk of cancer. For those who wake up for two hours or more after eating at night, the risk of breast and prostate cancer was reduced by 20 percent. Scientists also presented shocking figures about the timing of those who eat food late at night.

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