Beware Unmarried Young men, There has been cheating in the name of marriage

New Delhi, 23/12 (AO Bureau) : In the Corona era, while people are doing new things to become self-reliant, on the other hand, fraud and fraud businesses are also spreading their wings. People are doing fraud business by applying new tricks. The special thing is that women are involved in the business of making money by fooling the cheats and boys. These women are making unmarried boys their prey under the conspiracy for marriage.

Recently, there have been two cases of cheating in the name of marriage with single boys. Deepak, a resident of Mathura, UP, narrowly escapes this plot. At the same time, their distant people have become victims of it. The gang members who cheat in the name of marriage first inform the boys about wanting to get married. After that, after showing the photo of the girl, they persuade them and then give a phone number and ask them to talk to the boy further. Just here the game of cheating starts. And in the name of marraige , they are trying to cheat the young men.

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