Only Using Mask won’t stop Coronavirus : Study

New Delhi, 24/12: (AO Bureau)Mask is necessary to prevent coronavirus, but it is not enough. This claim has been made through a study. The study has revealed that if you are not following social distancing after wearing a mask, the risk of the virus may increase. Significantly, since the beginning of the pandemic, health agencies around the world have been continuously talking about wearing masks.

In Physics of Fluids published in AIP Publishing, researchers tested five different types of masks. Through these masks prepared from different types of material, it was seen how they affect droplets when we cough or sneeze. The study found that the number of droplets in each material decreased, but if less than 6 feet distance between two people, enough droplets can cause disease.

Krishna Kota, associate professor at New Mexico State University, said “the mask really helps, but if people are closer to each other, there is a risk of exposure or spread of the virus.” He said “Only masks will not help. Both masks and social distancing have to be done. Professor Kota has been involved in the study.

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