Is Corona vaccine safe to use in India ?

New Delhi, 25/12 (AO Bureau): In many countries of the world, the work of applying Coronavirus Vaccine has started. So everyone in India is eagerly waiting for this vaccine. It is expected that in January next year, Corona vaccines will start in India too. The question arises whether the vaccine being prepared in our country will be effective. And will they also have side effects? In fact, during the last one week, there have been reports from the United States and Britain that people are complaining of allergies after applying Pfizer’s vaccine. Apart from this, the maintenance of the Pfizer vaccine is not possible in India. Let us take a look at how is the vaccine being prepared in India.

The vaccine, prepared in collaboration with Bharat Biotech, NIV, and ICMR, has undergone two-phase trials. No vaccine volunteer has shown any side effects so far. The company has started its Phase 3 trials at 25 places in November itself. Bharat Biotech Covaxin is being prepared in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). No side effects have been found during the first two-phase trials. This has been claimed in the research paper published by the Hyderabad-based company.

Easy to maintain
Bharat Biotech vaccine can be kept at a temperature of 2 degrees to 8 degrees. That is, there will be no problem with maintenance. The first trial of this vaccine took place during July-August, in which 375 people were tried. At the same time, there were 380 candidates in the second trial, whose ages ranged between 12 years and 65 years. The trial was conducted in 9 states at 9 centers.
Trial results

The trial report said that after applying the vaccine, it develops antibodies in the human body for 6-12 months. One thing that makes these facts more interesting is that the    COVAXIN, which has been tested on children up to 12 years. This test was done in September. Bharat Biotech is examining the vaccine potential during Phase 3 study at 25 centers on about 26000 candidates.

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