JD(U) warns BJP in Bihar after 6 JD(U) MLAs joins BJP in Arunachal Pradesh

Patna, 29/12 (AO Bureau): In Bihar, everything is not going well between JDU and BJP. This statement of JDU state president Vasishtha Narayan Singh in which he is advising his old ally, BJP, not to correct everything. Actually, the move of 6 JDU MLAs in Arunachal Pradesh to the BJP  is not at all appealing to the party and this is the reason why its toughness is now visible in the statements of the leaders of both parties.

It is clear from what the state president of the party Vashistha Narayan Singh said on Tuesday that the case of Arunachal Pradesh in Bihar will also be completely affected and everything is not looking right at the moment. How far the JDU has been injured on the Arunachal Pradesh case has started coming out through statements. Party state president Vashistha Narayan Singh said in a conversation with News18 that this wound is very deep, it should be seen by the BJP, not in the future. He said that we were supporting him, but despite this, the incident that happened is not right.

On former Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi speaking in support of Nitish Kumar, Vashistha said that Sushil Kumar Modi speaks what he sees, but what is happening is not right. Vashistha Narayan Singh, on handing over the command of the party’s national president to RCP Singh, said that the principle of one person in JDU may apply in the coming time, what is the harm in this.

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