Good News : Coronavirus vaccine may get approval to use in India today

News Delhi, 30/12 (AO Bureau)Before the new year, the countrymen can get good news on the battle against Corona. If sources are to be believed, the Covishield vaccine can be approved in India today. Initially, this vaccine can be approved for emergency use.

The Subject Expert Committee (SEC) is to meet on Wednesday on the Corona vaccine, in which a decision will be taken to approve the Corona vaccine in India.

Because now the Oxford University vaccine in Britain has been approved. And the Covishield vaccine is related to this. In such a situation, the expectation of getting it cleared in India has also increased.

Britain approved the  Oxford vaccine today

This meeting in India also becomes important because, on Wednesday, Britain has approved the use of Oxford’s Corona vaccine. In a few days, the people of Britain will start receiving the dose of the Corona vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca.

Serum Institute is preparing vaccine in India
The Serum  Institute is making the Corona vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca in India. According to the Serum Institute, initially, 4-5 crore doses of  vaccine have been stored in India. While by the end of 2021, there are preparations to make 300 million doses.

Preparations are already being made to give the vaccine on behalf of the government in India. Initially, the focus is to deliver the vaccine to 300 million people, in which Corona Warriors will be given priority. Health workers, policemen, Corona Warriors, people above the age of 50 and sick people will be given priority

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