Your Salary may be reduced from April !

New Delhi, 30/12 (AO Bureau): There is just one day left for the new year to come. 2021 will bring many new changes. In such a situation, the central government can also make a big decision regarding your salary. It is believed that the new Compensation Rule will be implemented from April 2021, after which your take-home salary will be reduced. Under the new pay rules, the salary structure of employees will have to be changed.

In hand, salary will be reduced?
According to the money control news, the payment structure given by the companies to the employees under the new rules will change. Generally, these companies have a low non-allowance share. In some cases, it is much less than 50 percent. Apart from this, there will be an increase in Gratuity and Provident Fund contributions of employees. However, the salary in hand will decrease in proportion.

At present, in most companies, the allowance component is more than the basic salary. This is the reason that after the implementation of the new rule of the central government, the employees of the private sector will be affected the most.

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