Palamu Police vehicle escorting Bihar MP Sushil Singh overturns in Palamu 1 jawan died 2 injured

Bihar, 1/01(AO Bureau) : Police vehicle escorting Aurangabad MP Sushil Singh of Bihar in Palamu, Jharkhand, became a victim of a road accident. One policeman died in this incident, while two other soldiers were badly injured. Chhatarpur police station was escorting the MP. While passing through the Sultani valley, the vehicle fell victim to an accident.

According to the information, MP Sushil Kumar Singh was to go to the Latehar of Palamu division to participate in the program. Chhatarpur police of Palamu went to escort MP Sushil Kumar Singh near Sultani Valley. The police escort was moving in front of the MP’s car. In the meantime, a motorbike struck a motorcycle. And turned. In this accident, a soldier of the Chhatarpur police station died. The injured have been admitted to the nearest hospital for treatment. Six to seven policemen received minor injuries in the incident.

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