PM Modi lays the foundation of IIM Sambalpur

Sambalpur, 2/1 (AO Bureau): Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation of the Indian  Institute of Management, Sambalpur in a virtual ceremony.

Talking to the students of, he said that Sambalpur is becoming a big education hub. It is the responsibility of the students here to convert the local into global. He said this is the best period for India. Startups of today will become entrepreneurs of tomorrow. PM Modi said, most of the startups are coming from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The number of startups from farming to the space sector is increasing rapidly.

PM Modi said, Management experts, who are coming out from different places in the country with new experiences in new areas, are playing an important role in taking India to new heights. After the crisis of the Corona epidemic this year, more unicorns have been given than in previous years. In the last several decades, we have seen that the multi-nationals that came out came in large numbers and progressed in this land. This decade and this century is the creation of new multinationals in India.

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