US Congress stamps on Biden becoming president

Washington DC, 7/1 (AO Bureau )In the US, there is a political tussle over the outcome of the US President Election 2020. President Donald Trump has accused the rigging of elections and is engaged in pressure. Meanwhile, a crowd of Trump supporters created a ruckus outside the US Capitol Hill building. US President-Elect Joe Biden has called the Trump supporters’ uproar at US Capitol Hill as treason.

According to a Reuters report, the news of the death of a woman shot in the violence in the US Capitol Hill while 3 other people have died in the violence outside the Parliament. The complex was closed after violent clashes between the police and protesters. Within the Capitol, it was announced that no person could move in or out of the Capitol Hill campus due to an external security threat.
Congress approved the constitutional seal on Biden’s victory
The US Congress has put the constitutional seal on the victory of Democrat candidate Joe Biden. Congress has declared Biden the winner in Electoral College counting. Apart from Biden, Kamala Harris has also been declared the winner for the post of Vice President. Earlier, the Senate and Congress, in turn, rejected proposals related to countering Republican leaders from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona. Earlier, Trump supporters entered the Capitol Hill building to carry out violence to stop the voting process in which 4 people have been killed so far. After declaring Biden the winner, Vice President Pence said that now everyone should return to their work.

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