Bird Flu in New Delhi

New Delhi, 8/1 (AO Bureau): After the bird flu spread across the country, now Delhi has also been ravaged by the death of crows. More than 100 crows have been reported dead in A-2 Central Park, Mayur Vihar page three of Delhi.

Recently, a video of the park has gone viral, showing pictures of the death of crows. It has also been expressed that his death is due to bird flu. After the video went viral, News 18 investigated and reached the same central park.

Where Tinku Chaudhary, the caretaker of the park, told that recently some crows have been found dead in this park. While some crows were in a very bad condition and they were in a dying condition. More than 100 crows have died so far. Tinku Chaudhary told that he also made this video.

According to the caretaker, a team of two doctors of the Delhi Government also reached this park today to inspect the opportunity. Another team will take the dead crows to the lab to test what is the real reason behind the death of the crows in this part of Delhi. Because of the way word flu has knocked in some states of the country, after that the death of Kauvo in a suspicious condition in Delhi is a matter of concern.
Tinku Chaudhary told that a doctor told them over the phone that there could be two reasons for the death of crows. Firstly, cold and second was the flu. Although death in word flu is more in place of waterlogging. Therefore, after medical examination, it would be appropriate to say what is the reason for the death of the crows who died in Delhi.

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