Kangana Ranaut shares new video , complains about harrasment

Mumbai, 8/1 (AO Bureau): In a major development, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut appeared before the Mumbai Police for inciting communal tensions. She along with her sister appeared before the Bandra Police Station on Friday.

The Mumbai Police had summoned both the sisters once before but they didn’t appear before the police citing various reasons. She had approached the Bombay High court for dismissing the petition. The Bombay High Court had stayed the arrest of the actor but asked the sisters to go to the police station between 12 pm to 2 pm on Friday.

Kangana took to Twitter to show her displeasure on the matter and said, “Why am I being mentally, emotionally and now physically tortured? I need answers from this nation…. I stood for you it’s time you stand for me …Jai Hind.”

In her video, she asked the Supreme Court of India if India was living in a ‘medieval age’ where one could not speak their mind.

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