Moderna CEO claims their vaccine will be effective against Coronavirus for a long period of time

Paris, 8/1 (AO Bureau): Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel has claimed that his vaccine will be effective against the corona infection for many years. According to this claim, it is possible to protect against Coronavirus infection for many years with the mRNA-based model COVID-19  vaccine. Although Stephen also said that more data is needed about this now, but this much is certain that it is capable of protecting against infection for a longer period than the rest of the vaccine.

American biotech company Moderna surprised the whole world by announcing the introduction of the novel coronavirus vaccine last year. On Wednesday, he has also received approval from the European Commission in a few weeks to deliver his shots. Stephen Bensel said at an event that hearing the news in the media that Kovid’s vaccine would only work for a month or two, listening was nothing short of a scary dream. He said that the antibodies produced in the human body by the vaccine will protect the body for many years. Their vaccine will prove that many strains of Coronavirus found in Britain and South Africa will be prevented. Scientists say that this vaccine will prove to be suitable for both types of strains.

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