Elon Musk lost his spot as World’s richest Man

Within a week, Space-X founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk who was crowned the richest person in the world now lost his top spot.   Now he has become the second richest person in the world. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has once again occupied the first position. According to Forbes magazine, Tesla shares fell nearly 8 percent on Monday. In one day, his asset fell by about US $ 14 billion and he slipped to second place. Let me tell you that Elon Musk got the crown of the world’s richest person only a week ago.

Networth declined 8 percent
On Monday, Tesla shares fell nearly 8 percent. Because of this, Musk’s net worth was reduced to US $ 176.2 billion. Musk’s electric car company Tesla has increased its market value significantly this year. Last week, Musk’s company saw a big jump in share prices, after which he reached the first position in terms of total assets. His total wealth had crossed 185 billion dollars (1 trillion 85 billion dollars).

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