Coronavirus vaccine will be given 4 days a week in Delhi

New Delhi, 14/1 (AO Bureau): Preparations for vaccination are in full swing to prevent infection of coronavirus in the city. A plan has also been prepared in this regard in the national capital, Delhi. On January 14, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that at present, the Corona vaccine will be installed at 81 centers in Delhi. Initially, 100 people will be vaccinated at each center. CM Kejriwal said that Corona vaccination program will be run in 175 and 1000 centers in the coming few days. CM Kejriwal has said to get 2,74,000 doses of corona vaccine from the center. He also said that the corona vaccine will be applied four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). It will start from January 16. CM said that till now we have received 2,74,000 doses of vaccine from the center. Each person will be given two doses. He said that we have got 10% extra vaccines. In such a situation, 2,74,000 doses would be sufficient for about 1,20,000 health workers.

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