PM Modi launches largest vaccination drive in India

New Delhi, 16/1 (AO Bureau): The wait for the Coronavirus vaccine is over. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the world’s largest vaccination drive in India.

On this occasion, addressing to the nation PM Modi said” India’s vaccines enjoy much credibility world over. We’ve earned this via our track record. Most children in the world get their vaccine shots of those made in India. The world’s trust is on our Made in India vaccines will rise soon. These Indian vaccines are cheaper than foreign shots and easy to use. Some foreign doses are close to 5000/dose and to be stored in -70 degrees.”

He also added that India’s huge vaccine drive is first time in history. He also added that these vaccines are approved by India’s Scientists and experts.

He also added that India’s population became its strength. Doctors and Scientists worked tirelessly day and night.

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