WhatsApp clarified its privacy policy by putting a status

New Delhi, 17/1 (AO Bureau) WhatsApp is in a lot of discussion about the change in its privacy policy. WhatsApp gave users until 8 February to accept the new policy, although the company has postponed it for the time being in view of the reaction of the people. Some users are unhappy with this update and are shifting to other platforms such as telegram, Signal.

In view of the negative comments of the people, WhatsApp is constantly giving clarification. First WhatsApp released the blog, tweeted, and now it is the first time that WhatsApp has given its status by cleaning itself. WhatsApp has clarified in its status on things like calling, private messages, location and contacts. WhatsApp has applied a total of 4 status. In the first, it is written that WhatsApp is committed to the privacy of users. The second status states that WhatsApp does not keep records of people’s personal chats. He does not listen to the user’s words, because they are encrypted end-to-end.

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