COVID Vaccination : The Second Phase of vaccines to be given to Politicians!

New Delhi, 21/1 (AO Bureau ): The largest vaccine program has been started against the Corona Virus in the country. The government has included health workers in the first phase. Sources say that in the second phase of the vaccine program, the vaccine can be given to politicians. During this time, the vaccine can be given to those MPs, MLAs who are older and struggling with diseases. The special thing is that many big leaders in the country are over 80 years of age, who can get preference in the case of the vaccine. Two such prime ministers include Manmohan Singh and HD Deve Gowda.

The government had already made it clear that the vaccine program would be completed in different phases. It is estimated that the second phase of this drive may begin in April. In which the vaccine will be given to ministers and public representatives over 50 years of age. The Prime Minister and many Chief Ministers will also be involved in this phase. Statistics show that more than three hundred MPs in Lok Sabha and around 200 MPs in Rajya Sabha have crossed 50 years of age.

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