First time in Telangana, Women’s gym started in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 23/1 (AO Bureau):A women’s gym has been started at Masjid-e-Mustafa in Hyderabad (Telangana). Here professional trainers provide gyms to women. For the first time in Telangana, a gym is open for women in the mosque. The purpose of the gym set up in the Wadi-e-Mehmood Mosque in Rajendranagar is to make the lives of women healthy.

According to a report in the English newspaper Times of India, this gym was opened after the results of a survey. A survey revealed that 52 percent of the women living in slums are facing many dangerous diseases. In this survey, information related to the health of women aged 25 to 55 years was taken. The survey found that women are experiencing diseases like hypertension, diabetes and thyroid.

Women trainers provide training
According to the report, in the gym prepared with the help of an NGO, professional trainers exercise women twice a day. Along with this, trainers also solve women’s health problems. Masjid Samiti said that its purpose is to help women stay healthy.

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