Ayodhya: Foundation stone for the mosque to be laid on January 26

Ayodhya, 24/1 (AO Bureau): On January 26, the foundation stone of the mosque will be on the land given to the Muslim society from the Supreme Court in Ayodhya news of Uttar Pradesh. The Indo Islamic Cultural Foundation Dhannipur Trust will start the mosque construction work by planting and hoisting trees on 5 acres of land. Members of the trust set up for the Dhannipur mosque also inspected the land of the mosque (Dhannipur Mosque). Trust secretary Athar Hussain said that the mosque will be started on January 26 by planting 9 saplings by 9 trustees. On Republic Day, flag hoisting will be done on the mosque land at 8:30 am and plantation will also be done.

The team will reach Ayodhya on January 26 for the sole testing of the land for the construction of the mosque and will take the soil to the lab for testing the soil of the mosque. For the construction of the mosque, the trust will file the map offline with the Ayodhya Development Authority and when the approval of the map is received and the report of soul testing will come, then the construction work will be started. Trust secretary Atar Hussain said that the trust currently has 9 members. The number of members will also be increased, in the coming time, the number of members of the trust will be 15.
They will also get a place in the trust

The parties associated with the Ayodhya Babri Masjid case in the trust for the mosque can also find a place in the coming time, but for this, they will have to keep evolutionary thinking according to the trust. Fruitful and shady saplings will be planted by 9 trustees on the 26th of January, but in the coming time, in view of preserving the environment, planting oxygen-giving trees from Australia, Amazon, and elsewhere in the country on the land of the mosque of Dhanipur in the country. An attempt will be made to give a big message of environmental protection.
In the Indo Islamic Cultural Foundation Mosque of Dhanipur on 5 acres of land where another mosque will be constructed. At the same time, a super specialty hospital of 200 beds will be constructed, as well as Indo Islamic Cultural Research Center and a large museum. A large library will be built under the Community Kitchen, arrangements will be made to provide free food to 1000 people.

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