BJP leader Pankaja Munde calls for Caste Based Census

Kolkatta, 24/1(Ao Bureau):  BJP’s national secretary and Madhya Pradesh co-in charge Pankaja Munde has raised the issue of Caste Based Census. She has said that the census of OBC is very important in the country. She said that the government should include it in the 2021 census. According to Munde, there is no doubt that the sound emanating from the village will reach Delhi.

Let us tell you that in the year 2011, Gopinath Munde, father of Pakanja Munde, also raised the issue of finding the right number of people belonging to the OBC caste in Parliament. There is no caste-based census in the country after 1931.

Pankaja Munde wrote in tweeting, ‘We too belong to this country, count us too … OBC census is a necessity and inevitable. The census of 2021 must be caste-based. There is no doubt that the sound emanating from village to village will reach the capital.

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